Episode 34: Matt Hollingshead & Alex Verdurmen - Hifyre

April 6, 2017

Hifyre, a Hamilton-based digital product studio, used to be a one-man show until Matt Hollingshead welcomed Alex Verdurmen as a business partner in 2011. In a first for the podcast, Jenn and Chris explore what a partnership looks like if you didn’t start off as partners in the first place.

Take a listen as the Hifyre guys take you through their entrepreneurial journey. Alex gives his perspective on entering into a partnership in the middle of a business’s path instead of at the beginning. You’ll also learn why Matt says partnership fit is “like a good hug.” Before wrapping up, everyone gets candid when talking about the most enviable and frustrating parts of working with their respective business partner.

It’s an honest discussion that will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of your own professional relationships.

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To learn more about our friends Matt and Alex, visit Hifyre.com.


  • Meet Hifyre (1:00)
  • Not a partner from the beginning (5:15)
  • Finding balance and fit in a partnership (9:25)
  • Committing to a focus (12:15)
  • Staying on the cutting edge (14:15)
  • Pros and cons of small agency size (17:48)
  • “What is a quality you wish you had from the other person?” (21:45)
  • “What’s the most frustrating part?” (24:06)