Episode 32: Kelly Riley-Dunbavin

March 23, 2017

Follow your passion. It’s common career advice, but what happens when you feel like you’ve found your place and people, but not your passion?

To discuss this topic, we’ve invited our own Manager of Business Development, masterful builder of relationships, and all-around Kitestring cheerleader, Kelly Riley-Dunbavin! Kelly has flourished in her current role where she composes brilliant proposals and is passionate about all things Biz Dev, but that enthusiasm wasn’t always on display in the first position she held at our company.

Join Chris and Jenn as they follow Kelly’s awesome journey at Kitestring and describe how finally finding her “sweet spot” has benefitted the entire Kitestring team, as well as herself. Our team also discusses the importance of being honest with your employer, the concept of “right people, right seats,” and hiring for fit. You may even be treated to some of Kelly’s trademark British slang along the way!

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  • Joining the Kitestring team (3:00)
  • Finding your place, but not your passion (8:12)
  • Being open and honest with your employer (9:40)
  • “Right people, right seats” (11:00)
  • Discovering your passion (13:11)
  • Hire for Fit (20:30)
  • Living authentically (23:00)







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