Episode 33: Failure & Losing

March 30, 2017

Fresh off a string of losses, Jenn and Chris are back this week to talk about failure and losing. When you pour your heart and soul into something and still come up short, it can be downright discouraging. But is there value in losing even if it feels terrible?

Debriefing on their recent experiences, our hosts try to figure out whether anything can be learned from those challenges. What they come up with is a list of key takeaways that will help leaders and their teams better manage the disappointment that comes from defeat. Like Jenn says, “Losing sucks, but it’s not horrible.”

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  • “Let’s talk about losing.” (1:40)
  • “What can we learn from losing?” (6:46)
  • “Why do we hate to lose?” (8:09)
  • “Leaving all your cards on the table.” (11:53)
  • Final thoughts and key takeaways. (12:50)







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