Episode 24: Susannah Bleasby

December 1, 2016

When it comes to “small acts of wonderful,” look no further than the wonderful Susannah Bleasby! Whether it’s a beautifully illustrated card or a large-scale mural, Susannah brings a little bit of whimsy, happiness, and joy to every canvas she paints. We chat about how this self-proclaimed “accidental artist” became an “accidental entrepreneur” and the impacts that five key people had on her career. As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this week’s episode of My Better Business Half!


Episode 23: Teresa Cirillo

November 17, 2016

In this episode we chat (and sing along) with Teresa Cirillo, the owner and director of Studio E School of Music and Drama. Teresa takes us through her decision to open her own teaching studio and shares how entrepreneurship can be a form of therapy. We also discuss the value of personal development and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Plus, Chris makes a compelling case for the merits of the ukulele! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s show!


Episode 22: Graham Crawford

November 4, 2016
What happens when your business partnership goes south? 

Meet Graham Crawford. In 1975 Graham started his career as speech and ad copy writer. He left town for Toronto and in 1983 started his own consulting business. By 2001 he had over 60 employees working in 14 countries. He also had a toxic partnership. Sit back, relax, and take a listen to the story of Graham Crawford! 

Episode 21: Hive Studios

October 21, 2016

Meet the guys that make this podcast happen every week, Eric and Michael of Hive Studios! Find out how these two met, what brought them together, and how they seem to make it work as friends and business partners. OH! And more importantly - how do they make Jenn sound so wonderful? Enjoy the show!


Episode 20: Kim Elizabeth Murkovich

October 13, 2016

Eleven years ago, Kim Murkovich took a risk. With a few family loans and a lot of work, she opened Willow Salon.

Last year, she made the decision to put down the scissors, step away from the chair and work on her growing her business full-time. Listen in as she discusses her transition, the need to build fabulous team and the importance of a supportive community.


Episode 19: My Better Business Half - Max and Marilyn Roberts

September 29, 2016

Ever wonder what it would be like to work with your parent? Meet Max and Marilyn Roberts, the father daughter duo who own Gresham House upholstery. They chat about the positives of working with a relative - and mention a few bumps in their entrepreneurial road. Customer service and client relationships are big for Gresham House - but having fun is key to the happiness of their work relationships. WARNING: This episode contains yodelling that will make you will smile. Enjoy!


Episode 18: My Better Business Half - Welcome to Moncton!

September 13, 2016

We have some exciting news!!! Kitestring has grown a little bigger with a new office and new staff in Moncton, New Brunswick. We chose Moncton for the same reasons we chose Hamilton – it’s a medium-sized, centrally located city, has a growing and very entrepreneurial population, and we couldn't be more excited to move in! Take a listen to Chris and Jenn as they discuss growing their business in a way that made sense to them. Enjoy!


Episode 17: My Better Business Half - Joshua Lombardo-Bottema: Go Wrench Auto

September 7, 2016

We chat with Joshua Lombardo-Bottema of Go Wrench Auto - basically the Uber for car repairs. Go Wrench Auto is the second business Josh has built, and you can tell he's an entrepreneur to the core.   Listen in as Josh talks about breaking new ground in an already established industry, how he plans to grow the business, and how he's built his social media fan base. Sit back and enjoy the show! 


Episode 16: My Better Business Half - Jared Lenover and Clayton Hudder

August 31, 2016

Behind every good business is a business partner. And behind every partner there's someone supporting them from the sidelines. Everyone knows Jenn and Chris as partners, but there happens to be another half to these better business halves. Meet Jared and Clayton, the men behind the Kitestring power team. These spouses chat about the challenges of being married to an entrepreneur, what Chris and Jenn are like on their off time, and share a few secrets along the way!


Episode 15: My Better Business Half - Julie Cole

July 7, 2016

If you have kids, you've likely heard of the super successful company Mabel Labels. This week, we talk to Julie Cole, co-founder and Senior Director of Public Relations at the award-winning children's label manufacturer about what it's like to have three other partners, to sell your company to an international organization, and be the face of a very public brand. Enjoy!

About Julie Cole

Julie is the mother of six and a Co-Founder/Senior Director of Public Relations for Mabel’s Labels, the leading provider of labels for the stuff kids lose! Mabel’s Labels has grown from basement start-up into an award winning, celebrity endorsed and international phenomenon. As company spokeswoman, Julie is well-known amongst North American entrepreneurs and her dynamic personality has led to numerous speaking engagements, from university business classes to TV appearances, including NBC’s The Today Show, HLN’s Raising America, Canada AM, Breakfast Television, The Marilyn Denis Show, Metro Morning, CH Morning Live, Better TV, The Mom Show, Fox 5 San Diego and WGN’s Midday. She is a syndicated blogger for The Huffington Post, modernmom.com, PTPA Media, Yummy Mummy Club, and her company’s Mabelhood blog. Her writing has also appeared in Chicken Soup For the Soul - Power Moms and numerous websites. Mabel’s Labels has been featured everywhere from The View to Forbes.com. Follow Julie on Twitter @juliecole.